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MyFitnessPal – Change Your Macro Goals

Changing your macro goals in MyFitnessPal is really easy and will allow you to maximize your weight loss success.  David’s screencast of MyFitnessPal is good, but long (you can still see it here)… so let’s get down to it! One thing that you’ll need to do with your new MyFitnessPal account is change your settings to update your protien, carbs, and fat budgets. These are your macro nutrients.  We are going to change macro goals in MyFitnessPal to optimize fat loss!

Whatever you are doing (gym, P90X, Crossfit, etc), let us know! We’d love to help you cut your body fat and get ripped!

90 Days - Tracking Nutrition and P90X

David talked about finding your caloric need in our last post (you can find it HERE). To maximize fat loss, we want to tweak what types of foods we eat too. Very simply, we are going to limit carbs and increase protein.

When you log into MFP, you will see the tab GOALS under the My Home menu. Click it!

MyFitnessPal login fat loss goals

Under goals, you will have the option to Change Goals and then set Custom Goals.

MyFitnessPal login fat loss goals

MFP login fat loss goals

Then you will see a screen that lists your total daily calories and percentages for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  That’s where you make the adjustments. Once you are done with that, go to your food log and play around with a day. See how you can get all that protein. It is a little work, but once you have your plan set, get ready for major changes! You are going to love what you can do.

Keep up the great work!

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